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UX & Innovation

Four areas of focus for success

At GetElemental℠ we focus our energies on doing the work of Experience Design and Innovation within the context of circumstance to give products their best chance for success. We'd like to help you do the same.

  • Customer insights

    The majority of the work will focus on customer research to uncover user needs. You will decide which user needs to support as we work through product ideation.

  • Circumstance Analysis & Gamification

    We'll guide you through the circumstance analysis and map it to the gamification work to help you create engagement strategies.

  • Product Definition

    A large portion of time will be devoted to product definition as we move through ideation.

  • Usability Analysis

    Usability analysis is woven into every aspect of the process so it takes less time to complete.


Helping good people do good things.
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Co-founder and Innovation Evangelist
Olga has been in the Internet-based product design business for 17+ years.
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Co-founder and Chief Operations Officer
Amy has worked in Operations based roles since 1998. She has served in various levels of Administrative and Accounting roles and management consulting.

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