Weekly Brown Bag Series

What – Innovation and UX sharing.

For a number of years now I’ve been serving as mentor to the UX community. Participants of the Brown Bag Series see my work in progress and in context of the process. This makes it easier to grab the concepts and use them in their own work. We’ll conduct group and one-on-one brown bags as requested by some. The next sharing series is coming up!

The Brown Bag Series is based on the Innovation Design Model. We will follow all the steps from start to finish.

Innovation Design Model Thumb

The GetElemental Innovation Design Model poster.

Who – Product designers and product owners.

The weekly Brown Bag Series is most useful to those who want to design innovative products and/or are responsible for innovative products.

Participants will purchase the Innovation Design Model poster and put it on the wall where they work and/or where they’ll participate. We’ll be referring to it often as we go along.

Staff managers should also purchase the Skills Wheel poster and place it on the wall. We’ll be moving back and forth from the Innovation Design Model poster to the Skills Wheel poster as we move through the process.

When – Thursday’s at 12:00 PM EST starting May 2016.

We will have a session every week on Thursdays until we complete the Innovation Design Model process. At the end of the process a new group will start from the beginning.

Where – Remotely through conference technology.

I will send out conferencing details to participants.

Why – Giving back.

Remote brown-bag style sharing works best in terms of how we give back to our design community.

How – Sign up to participate.

Fill out the form below and write Brown Bag Series as the subject. Also tell us a little bit about yourself and why you’d like to participate. This will help us group participants appropriately. See you there!