September 13, 2016

An Innovation Resource

Folding innovation into UX methods and practices is essential in creating successful products. GetElemental is dedicated to helping our design industry innovate within the boundaries of UX, Lean, and Agile.

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Innovation Design Model Thumb

Innovation Design Model

We have created the Innovation Design Model for you so that you can have it as a resource and reference as you work. In time we will continue to add information to this site. The majority will be book recommendations.

We have printed a small run so that we can get the posters to you in paper form at reasonable cost. Purchase the posters at Amazon.

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We have begun that process of adding content but it is a big job so we hope to get your help. The more books we can add the more useful this tool becomes.

We would like to offer you the digital poster file in return for your help in adding books to this reference. To do so please fill out the form below. We’ll send you the files and get you started.

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