Weekly Brown Bag Series

What – Innovation and UX sharing. For a number of years now I’ve been serving as mentor to the UX community. Participants of the Brown Bag Series see my work in progress and in context of the process. This makes it easier to grab the concepts and use them in their own work. We’ll conduct group Read more about Weekly Brown Bag Series[…]

Interaction Design = What it Feels Like

Here, I have presented interaction design as one element out of six within my Experience Design Model. I have concluded that in practice, Interaction Designers mold the organization and structure created by Information Architects into artifacts, environments, and systems that people associate themselves with through the use of UX activities that create human connections.

Innovation Design Model

In the past two years I’ve been working to create UX artifacts for the purpose of teaching. It wasn’t easy. It took a while because I needed to sort out all the noise from what eventually turned into an Experience Design Model. I’m sharing this concept with you here. In the future I will share my notes as well so that you can see how I arrived here.